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Welcome To Your Virtual Workspace

Your business is wherever you go; it’s at the office, on your laptop at home, and even on your mobile phone. The ability to communicate on the go and access your critical documents securely is more important than ever. In order to keep up, you need a workspace solution that goes wherever you do.

Star2Star’s Desktop as a Service, StarDaaS™, provides cloud-optimized virtual apps and desktops, storage, and anywhere, anytime access to your desktop with the device of your choice.

Your Applications, When & Where You Need Them

Unifying your communications goes hand-in-hand with optimizing your operations and end-user tools. StarDaaS™ is a virtual desktop solution that integrates your office workspace with our Full Spectrum Communications Solution, allowing you to stay connected to every tool you need to be productive from anywhere.

Master Citrix Service Provider

Master Citrix Service ProviderAs a Master Citrix Service Provider (MCSP), our partnership allows Star2Star to package our award-winning StarCloud system, including multiple UCaaS applications such as video conferencing and messaging, with the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop solution to create a one-of-a-kind user experience. This solution allows businesses to easily deploy a virtual desktop with all the productivity applications they need including our industry-leading UCaaS solution, StarCloud, in a high quality, consistent, and secure manner that ensures an unparalleled user experience.

Multi-device Access

With the ability to login to your virtual workspace from any device, you will never have to transport your office equipment or worry about not having access to critical files. StarDaaS™ offers a seamless user experience across your phone, tablet, computer, and more!

Built-in Security

Security is our number one priority for all of our cloud solutions, especially where your private data is concerned. StarDaaS™ leverages cloud storage, multi-factor authentication, encryption, and context-based access controls to keep your desktop and data safe no matter where your access point is. Our security features also reduce the risk of intrusion and security breaches with centrally secured apps and desktops to eliminate VPN holes.

Adaptive Desktop

The StarDaaS™ workspace adapts to your environment and acts as an extension of your network. When you’re logged in, the connection is constantly monitored for uptime and security.

Vertical-specific Customization

Every business is unique and requires its own set of workflow tools. With StarDaaS™, you can customize the applications that come with your workspace to fit your operations needs. We can create application packages for any vertical including healthcare, finance, government, manufacturing, and more.

Multiple User Account Types

We provide applications, pooling, and multi-user access models to suit your budget and company structure.

Application Agnostic

StarDaaS™ is built to work with apps from any vendor including Windows, Linux, SAP, Apple/iOS, and more.

Microsoft Exchange Online – Add-On Purchase

If you want to maximize your StarDaaS™ portfolio, add Exchange Online by Microsoft for powerful, enterprise email and calendaring. Exchange Online adapts to the way you work with intelligent inbox and calendar features.

StarPhone for Desktop Integration

You can integrate StarDaaS™ with StarPhone™ for Desktop to maximize your efficiency and transform your workspace into a fully-featured phone. Manage your calls as you would with your physical deskphone through StarDaaS™ while staying connected to the rest of your apps.

Star2Star Application Framework Integration

Star2Star’s Application Framework houses your end-to-end tools for seamless communications. Integrate StarDaaS™ with the application framework to leverage your Star2Star system as part of your workspace and seamlessly access the Activity, StarChat, StarContact, StarFax, and StarScope starlets.

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