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SIP Trunking: StarSIP AlwaysUp

SIP Trunking: StarSIP AlwaysUp

Reliable, cost-effective SIP solutions that deliver voice, fax, recovery, videoconferencing, and more

The superior voice service behind the World’s Only Full Spectrum Communications Solutions from Star2Star is available for users of SIP trunks and SIP phones.

Do you want to upgrade the reliability and lower the cost of your phone service without throwing out your existing phone system? Do you want a solution with a rich feature set that is the envy of other SIP providers? Star2Star’s SIP trunks let you upgrade to Star2Star’s award winning quality and reliability while continuing to use your existing phone system. StarSIP provides:

  • High reliability with a 99.999% uptime reliability guarantee
  • Pooling and bursting for sharing of call capacity across multiple locations
  • No-cost inter-office calling between office locations
  • Automatic failover to cloud-based services in the event of a power outage or loss of Internet connectivity
  • 24/7/365 monitoring with proactive technical support
  • Flexible usage plans

With StarSIP AlwaysUp trunks on your system, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Star2Star’s award-winning Constellation Network. There’s no need to discard your existing system, change extension numbers, or change the way your system works. You can even keep your existing phone numbers.

StarSIP AlwaysUp works with virtually any PBX system, using a small on-premise device called a StarSIP Integrated Access Device. This device allows us to deliver SIP services over a standard broadband Internet connection. You don’t need expensive MPLS or dedicated private IP connections.

Star2Star provides three ways to connect your PBX to StarSIP AlwaysUp trunks, depending on the capabilities of your existing PBX:

  1. For SIP-capable PBX systems, the Integrated Access Device connects directly to your existing PBX, replacing your existing SIP trunks
  2. For ISDN PRI/T1 connections, we provide an IP Gateway device to deliver 23 voice channels per PRI connection
  3. For POTS-based PBX systems, we use Cisco IP Telephony Gateway devices to deliver up to 40 analog trunks using standard RJ-11 or RJ-21x connectors

SIP Trunking Vs. A Complete UC Solution

What You Need To Know

Two Ultra-Reliable Service Options For Business Communications

Both StarSIP AlwaysUp and the StarSystem® provide ultra-reliable, high-quality calls and advanced unified communications functionality. Each service option from Star2Star is an excellent choice for the type of business for which it was designed, with StarSIP AlwaysUp intended for customers with existing legacy PBXs they do not wish to replace and the StarSystem® intended for a broader customer base.

If your company is deciding between StarSIP AlwaysUp and the StarSystem®, you need all the information you can get to make the right choice. Read more to find out which option is the best fit for your business.

What You’ll Learn

  • The Primary Differences Between StarSIP AlwaysUp And The Complete StarSystem®
  • How StarSIP AlwaysUp And The StarSystem® Meet Difference Business Needs
  • The Intended Customers Of StarSIP AlwaysUp And The StarSystem®
  • The Many Benefits Of StarSIP AlwaysUp And The Complete StarSystem®
  • How To Transition From StarSIP AlwaysUp To The StarSystem®

SIP Trunking Vs. A Complete UC Solution

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StarSIP AlwaysUp

Ultra-Reliable SIP Solution For Businesses With Legacy PBXs

StarSIP AlwaysUp Is The Answer For Businesses With A Legacy PBX Who Are Looking To Improve Reliability And Add Functionality

Completely replacing a legacy PBX can be an expensive proposition that is simply not a viable option for many companies. However, companies with legacy PBXs still suffer from low call quality, lack of advanced communications features, and uncertainty regarding the future of their service.

Star2Star developed StarSIP AlwaysUp to solve these problems and provide companies who cannot immediately replace their legacy PBX with an ultra-reliable alternative. Read more to find out how StarSIP AlwaysUp can benefit businesses of all sizes.

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