Voice Features

Unique voice features for improved collaboration and productivity.

Since our founding in 2006, we’ve learned a great deal about Full Spectrum Communications Solutions and how to make voice features work harder and smarter for you. Digitau USA & Star2Star’s award-winning unified communications technology employs our unique cloud architecture that overcomes the reliability and quality limitations of other Internet communications technologies. In fact, we’ve achieved 100% network uptime since 2011.

Digitau USA & Star2Star Internet communication systems are installed in thousands of businesses, including large national retail and restaurant chains. Here’s a breakdown of the voice features our unified communications technology offers that can enhance your business.

Extension User Rights

Extensions can be individually configured to allow or restrict certain activities such as outbound calling, international calling, or directory assistance.

Multi-Layer Automated Attendant

You can quickly create multi-level automated attendant menus which allow callers to choose from any number of destinations or locations

Unlimited Conference Calling

Set up “Meet Me” Conference Rooms for quick, easy, and secure conference calls for up to 150 users. Talk as long as you like – there’s no per-minute charge.

Best-in-Class Multi-Location Operation

All of your company’s phones – at the main office, satellite offices, home office workers, and even mobile phones – appear and operate as a single, unified system. Everyone is reachable by dialing their extension number, no matter where they happen to be. Call transfers, ring groups, call queues, automated

Find Me – Follow Me Call Forwarding

Never miss a call again. Incoming calls can ring your home, office, and cell phones, either one at a time or all at once.

Quality Sound over Standard Internet Connections

The StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN manages the traffic flow between your Star2Star phone system and Internet connection to provide the highest possible call quality with no delay, echo, or distortion. No expensive conditioned circuits are needed.

Unique Cloud Architecture

Our exclusive technology combines the best aspects of cloud-based and on-premise systems

End-to-End Integrated Solution from a Single Vendor

We supply the phones and related equipment as well as the telephone service and maintenance. Everything is designed to work together, and our around-the-clock system monitoring makes sure that it does.

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