Quick Service Restaurants

Small Business VoIP Service That Restaurants Love

If you're a Quick Service Restaurant business is in need of an ultra-reliable communications solution with unlimited scalability, you need VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star.


The retail industry can be extremely complex, so it is important that a communications system does not make operations any more difficult. VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star’s solutions are easy to use and easy to manage, leaving retailers more time to focus on selling. One VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star feature that has proven especially popular among retailers is our cloud-based auto-attendants. Our auto-attendants are significantly easier and faster to change than most competitors. Some large retailers have saved hundreds of man-hours every year just because it was easier to change the holiday hours on our auto-attendants than their previous systems.


VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star offers numerous advanced features and services that improve the operations of retail stores. Our inbound call center solutions such as StarCenter™ improve agent performance, management, and customer experiences. Our line bursting feature makes it so no caller will ever hear a busy signal. Find Me - Follow Me automatically routes calls to cell phones, making it so regional managers, truck drivers, and employees on the sales floor never have to miss a call.


VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star is so scalable that we can meet the needs of even the largest retail chains. Some of the largest retail chains in the United States currently depend on VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star for all of their communications. One of the most popular VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star features among large retailers is our ability to pool lines between locations, which has saved some companies millions of dollars a year. Other aspects of the VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star system that have proven extremely beneficial to large retailers include the ability to have an entire national chain have a single communications bill and the fact that all calls between numbers on the same account are free.

Industry Case Study

Large National Retail Chain


  • How a change in credit card policies forced a major national retail chain to update their communications systems at more than 10,000 locations
  • The major challenges the retail chain faced in operating so many locations using PSTN service
  • How VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star was able to break industry records for system installation
  • How VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star was able to save the retail chain millions of dollars, using pooling and bursting lines and other features
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