It’s Time to Revolutionize the Way Your Business Communicates

Say ciao to your outdated phone equipment and welcome affordable, amazingly scalable and feature-rich hosted PBX solutions. Also known as Virtual PBX and Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX offered by VOIPNOW PBX is basically a Private Branch Exchange mechanism that is based on the cloud technology. This system is accessed with the help of a standard IP network.

The best thing about virtual PBX is that it is fully managed over the internet, which cuts off huge initial investment as well as ongoing maintenance. Now instead of developing a telephone equipment section and qualified staff in your office, you can simply manage your phone system by using a user-friendly portal. This technology essentially eliminates all the complications associated with conventional PBX systems

How Do Our Hosted PBX Services Help Your Organization?

By employing our excellent hosted PBX system in Cincinnati, your business venture receives a fantastic phone system which offers you all the routine and advanced features. The only thing that makes cloud PBX different from conventional telephony equipment is that the former option works virtually. In addition to it, we at VOIPNOW PBX own and take care of the equipment of virtual PBX, software as well as upgrades. It means your communication system is in good hands.

Benefits of Our Hosted PBX Phone Services

Your business can make the most out of the following advantages linked to this ground-breaking technology with the help of our reliable hosted PBX providers.

  • Get Rid of the Enormous Boxes and Equally Enormous Fees – When it comes to our hosted PBX system you will not have to pay tons of money in the form of lease, maintenance or to purchase expensive equipment. VOIPNOW PBX delivers all virtual PBX services through your regular internet connection.
  • Save a Great Deal of Cash – Our hosted PBX technology can facilitate your company in cutting off fifty percent of its telephone bill. In addition to it, our fantastic services also enable you to avoid making a sizable investment in a conventional PBX system.
  • Get All-inclusive Services – VOIPNOW PBX will provide your company with every single feature that it needs to communicate effectively, including global, long distance and local calls.
  • Keep Your Personnel Connected Through One Business Phone System – When you get the services of our cloud PBX providers in Cincinnati, we allow all of your traveling, home-based, office and distributed location staff members to capitalize on the same hosted PBX features