Partner Services

VoIPNow PBX’s leading experts ensure all your needs are met, no matter how complex.

Expert Unified Communications Providers Who Know All The Ins And Outs

The VoIPNow PBX Partner Services group is comprised of leading experts in communications.

With a proven knowledge of our products and services, we are equipped to demonstrate how our Full Spectrum Communications Solution can be used most effectively within your environment, no matter how complex.

“Our goal is to deliver the highest quality implementation, integration, consulting, and support services to help our customers resolve their most complex business needs.”

Partner Services Benefits

  • Fast Turnaround – Speed of delivery…often a 3 to 4 week turnaround from order to installation.
  • Single Point-of-Contact – We provide a single point-of-contact in managing your customer’s configuration and/or installation.
  • Grow Larger, Faster – Focus your time and energy on new revenue-producing activities and company growth.
  • Peace of Mind – Knowing you have the most knowledgeable & experienced team supporting your customer’s project through to completion.

Plan & Implement

A communications platform that has been improperly planned or implemented can create major problems for your customer and for you. Our Partner Services team has the resources and experience needed to navigate even the most complex network environments. The experts at VoIPNow PBX will plan and implement the Full Spectrum Communications Solution with expertise, professionalism, and a personal touch, installing confidence from start to finish.

System Design

VoIPNow PBX wants to make sure every customer has an optimal communications experience. Certified network engineers can assess a network’s readiness to support VoIPNow PBX’s unified communications features, using our vast experience and knowledge base. Network Diagrams, OEM Product Specifications, and Industry Best Practices are guiding forces for how we do what we do. We can customize the VoIPNow PBX system to meet customer preferences or integrate tightly with their existing infrastructure.

On-site Installation

Ensuring that a communications system is properly installed is one of the most important ways to ensure a customer’s satisfaction. VoIPNow PBX can send experienced certified technicians to the customer’s office to install our solutions. Direct reach-back and accountability to VoIPNow PBX’s main offices makes every installation feel like the entire company was along.

System Configuration

Our system is highly adaptable to customer configuration preferences. Our professional services team can program the way a new system handles calls, utilizing the prior experience of thousands of VoIPNow PBX customers. Whether the customer wants to mimic their existing phone set up or increase functionality, our goal is to ensure the customer’s system is both easier to use and more functional than other solutions. VoIPNow PBX can provide guided personal communication and recommendations directly to the end user to establish call routing preferences and failover options and configure general phone behaviors. MACs (moves, adds, and changes) are easily and quickly accomplished remotely.

Project Management

The cornerstone of every successful implementation is the careful handling of schedule, process, and scope and change management. VoIPNow PBX can develop a detailed success plan for your customer and then bring it to life, no matter how many installation locations or the size involved. When one of our partners or customers utilizes project management from our professional services team, a dedicated project manager interfaces with customers and manages calls for the channel partner. This project manager can be assigned on either an initial or ongoing basis, and is responsible for detailing, identifying, and executing critical success factors to ensure critical milestones are met.

Training & Certification

Learning a new communications system can be overwhelming, especially a system like ours that is more feature-heavy than those of most analog and VoIP providers. VoIPNow PBX has the resources for you to obtain the knowledge you and your customers need. Whether you are a channel partner who wants a “nuts and bolts” view of VoIPNow PBX to become certified to install and configure our system or a new customer who needs one of our experts to demonstrate phone features, VoIPNow PBX has a training solution for you.

Remote Training & Webinars

VoIPNow PBX Communications provides remote instruction and demonstrations of our latest products through the convenience of video. Our customers can learn about VoIPNow PBX’s latest features and how to use our on-site equipment and framework.

Online Training

Our partners and customers are provided access to our deep repository of articles, videos, and pre-recorded webinars. Users can search specific topics to refresh their knowledge of VoIPNow PBX technology and configuration options or embark on one of our directed training paths to begin the certification process. If you or your customers require material not yet in our knowledge base, Partner Services can create something unique or customer-specific.


VoIPNow PBX gives you the opportunity to earn highly respected industry credentials to show that you are a partner that customers can trust. We offer advanced curriculums detailing the installation and configuration of our solutions, meaning your VoIPNow PBX certifications are something to be proud of. Our certified installing technicians really stand out from the competition.

Custom Solutions & Consulting

Every business is unique, and their communications needs are equally unique. Our Partner Services team can tailor the VoIPNow PBX system to meet those needs. We will work with the customer to maximize the functionality and familiarity of their communications. Partner Services has the resources to satisfy even the most complex and customer-specific requirements.

Auto Attendant Scripts

A well-executed automated voice recording provides a pleasant experience for customers, while a poorly executed one can have the opposite effect. We’ve worked with the automated voice recordings of thousands of businesses from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups. We can guide your customer as they set up their phone system to increase user response and reduce the number of callers who zero-out to the operator. Partner Services has the in-depth knowledge of industry-best practices for scripting and routing auto-attendant that your customers need.

Auto Attendant Voice Talent

Our voice talent recording services provides a professional sound from the moment users pick up the phone. We can record your customer’s script for them, whether it is one that we have written for them or one they have provided to us. Our voice talent includes male and female performers and those with the ability to record in multiple languages, including Spanish.

Existing Application Integrations

Some businesses have proprietary or third-party software that is absolutely integral to their business operations or so familiar that a change would cause major disruption. We can integrate many third-party applications into the VoIPNow PBX system to keep your customer’s business running with minimal change.

Third Party Equipment Integration

Sometimes, a customer has a particular affinity for certain equipment or has invested a large amount of resources into it, and they want to keep using it. In such cases, Partner Services may be able adapt the VoIPNow PBX system to incorporate that equipment.

Custom Reporting

Many businesses have company-specific metrics that need to be captured. This is especially common among call centers. We are able to display most data that a customer may require and imbed them in scheduled reports.

4G LTE Wireless Failover

VoIPNow PBX’s on-premise 4G LTE wireless router is an affordable cellular router for large-scale deployments. As a cellular-enabled gateway, it allows for 4G LTE connectivity. It enhances network survivability and connectivity with a reliable, wireless 4G network in the event of unexpected downtime or connectivity failure.