By the end of this post, you’ll have a clear understanding of what VoIP is, why you should use it for your small business, and what the best providers are.
Have you ever used Skype or had a voice call through Facebook?

That’s VoIP in action.

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It can be used to describe any service that transmits audio over an Internet connection.

Great, so why should you care?

voip save money

There are many different VoIP services out there, many of which are designed specifically for small businesses.

They make it easier to setup and manage your phone system, and cost a fraction of the price of traditional phone systems.

Additionally, they are great for remote teams since you can add users to whichever VoIP platform you choose, no matter where they live.

I know VoIP as a concept can seem confusing at first, but I promise it’s simple once you break it down.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a clear understanding of what VoIP is, why you should use it for your small business, and what the best providers are.


The original VoIP systems didn’t look too different from traditional phone systems, but all modern VoIP systems are cloud-based.

As long as you have a microphone, there’s no other equipment involved, and all management is handled on your computer.

Overall, a VoIP system comes with many advantages over a traditional one for a small business:

Cheaper – For many reasons, VoIP costs a fraction of a traditional system. First, there’s minimal equipment. Second, there’s no international calling fees. Third, you don’t even necessarily need IT staff to configure it, because it’s much simpler.
Easier to setup – Forget connecting all the phones and setting them up right, with VoIP you manage it all from a single online dashboard. Adding a new number is as simple as clicking a few buttons.
More reliable – If your phone service goes down, you can’t do anything but sit around until it’s fixed. With VoIP, you can still get online through personal mobile phone connections, or alternate Internet connections. It’s also much easier to solve a problem with a VoIP system (software), compared to phone lines, which could take hours or days to fix.
More convenient – It’s easier to change phone system settings with VoIP. You can take calls with your personal phone instead of being tied to your desk. If you want to change your phone hours or extension numbers, it takes minutes rather than having to call IT.
More powerful – Yes, VoIP let’s you make calls. It also lets you easily set up video conferences and share files. You can also integrate popular applications like Microsoft Office, SalesForce, and Google applications, although it depends on your provider.
Comparing VoIP to traditional phone systems is like comparing the car engine to horses. They technically do the same thing, but one is clearly better than the other in nearly all imaginable situations.


The beauty of VoIP is that you can roll several individual systems and tools into one single communication hub.

On top of your existing phone system, VoIP also lets you replace your:

Fax – With VoIP, you send and receive faxes almost like emails. To send one, you just upload an image or PDF from your computer.
SMS – You can also send text messages from the phone number you use for your VoIP account.
Online conferences/meetings – You can add multiple people to a call easily.

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