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Extend your business’ viewpoints and develop your income with Star2Star’s Full Spectrum Communications Solution. Perceive how this total arrangement of arrangements offers your clients the last interchanges framework they will ever require

The Benefits Of Full Spectrum Communications

Star2Star’s Full Spectrum Communications Solution offers end-to-end solutions for every business need. We have engineered a unified system designed for the modern small to enterprise organization and customized to their unique needs. Full Spectrum Communications include:

  • StarCloud+
  • StarCloud
  • StarCenter, our advanced contact center
  • StarPaaS, our integrations platform
  • Complete suite of advanced UC features including voice, chat, mobile, fax, and more

When you sell the Full Spectrum Communications Solution, you provide your customers with the solution and the support to fully optimize their communications.

Unique Benefits Of Our Full Spectrum Communications

All of the call details for one or more locations and only includes the call detail records from the StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN

Our Complete Portfolio Of Solutions

We offer our customers everything from pure to on-premises cloud and more, including the power of SD-WAN, voice-optimized call routing, cloud and data prioritization, built-in business continuity, and custom integrations.

The Chance To Increase Revenue

At Digitau USA, we set your Business up for success with our Full Spectrum Communication’s model, evergreen income opportunities will increase for your Business, and provide your Business with the growth your company deserves. You can rely on us for your Telecommunications and Networking needs while you focus on growing your business.

Our Award-Winning Support Sevices

If StarWatch detects a problem, it sets off a chain of events to report and repair the issue. First, the problem is categorized. Critical events, those which affect the functioning of a customer’s entire system, are escalated to priority 1 status and are immediately handled by a service engineer. The StarWatch system also immediately contacts the administrator at the customer’s location to advise of the problem and the steps being taken to resolve it.

In many cases, less critical problems can be resolved without any human intervention since we have built hundreds of self-healing and redundant features into our infrastructure to make many issues self-correcting.

Digitau USA & Star2Star Communication’s also staffs an around-the-clock service desk to handle customer reported problems. Customers may access our service desk directly over the Internet or by calling our support line 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year or by email. You can also dial (“*2*”) on your phone’s keypad to reach our Support Services.

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