Cloud Based VoIP Streamlines Employment Agency Operations

Few industries are as dependent on communications as employment agencies, and Star2Star provides the reliability, advanced functionality, and cost savings needed to get the job done.


Employment agencies must stay in constant contact with both job seekers and employers; otherwise they cannot bring the two groups together. Star2Star guarantees 99.999% uptime reliability so your communications never go down. We also offer extensive disaster avoidance and recovery protections such as StarRecovery™, voicemail access from email, and automatic call routing to remote locations and cell phones, which allow employment agencies to keep working even if their offices are no longer accessible. VOIPNOW PBX even provides next business day parts replacement on all systems.

Advanced Functionality

Any feature that improves an employment agency’s communications improves the agency’s overall operations. Star2Star provides a wide range of communications options with solutions for voice, fax, instant messaging, video, conferencing, voicemail, and more. Star2Star’s StarCenter™ makes it possible for even small employment agencies to easily run and manage an advanced inbound call center. Other features like cloud-based auto attendants and high quality calls greatly improve the experiences of job seekers and employers.

Cost Savings

Star2Star can dramatically reduce the communications expenses of employment agencies on a budget. Star2Star’s hardware requires fewer resources to run than most of our competitors. Star2Star does not require users to use expensive proprietary bandwidth. Perhaps most importantly, Star2Star allows users to pool lines between locations, allowing them to greatly reduce the total number of lines they are using.

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