With the help of our extraordinary eFax service, VOIPNOW PBX has completely eliminated your business’s need to have an old-fashioned fax machine. Our eFax solutions let every single staff member of your company send out and receive fax via internet. You no longer have to waste precious time by standing beside a fax machine waiting either for some documents to arrive or get confirmation that they have been sent.

Now all the incoming faxes directly reach your inbox and outgoing ones are sent virtually. The whole process is done by using your smartphone or computer, making fax machines completely obsolete. Some notable benefits of the eFax service in Cincinnati are mentioned below:

– Go Clean, Go Paperless

We send you all of your incoming faxes in the PDF format. In case of sending a fax, simply upload the files along with their fax numbers. Once done, click send! This technique is simple and paperless.

– Fully Secure and Confidential

VOIPNOW PBX utilizes bank-grade encrypted security protocols. It means you can send even sensitive information with peace of mind.

– Highly Accessible

You can manage and retrieve all of your fax messages from cloud. Our eFax service can be easily integrated with Evernote, OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox