Maintain Consistent Uptime With Built-in Business Continuity

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Disaster Recovery That Keeps You On Top Of Your Game

VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star specializes in providing exceptional uptime for our customers. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions guarantee 99.999% uptime, with 100% uptime maintained since 2011. Our built-in business continuity provides your business with powerful disaster avoidance and recovery tools, ensuring you never drop a call or miss a beat.

With VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star’s DRaaS solutions enjoy peace of mind knowing that our 24/7365 network monitoring, real-time alerts, and automatic failover features are keeping your communications up and running on the best available network.

Top Benefits Of Levergaing Disaster Recovery as a Service – DRaaS

  • Built-in Business Continuity
  • Cloud-based Auto Attendants
  • Custom Alternative Endpoints
  • Unlimited Voicemail
  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring
  • Automatic Failover

VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star Versus The Competition

VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star

  • Unique Proprietary Technology
  • 30-day Money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 Multi-location US Based Support
  • Pooling & Bursting Lines
  • Free Next Business Day Parts Replacement & Free Software Updates
  • Integration With Analog Devices
  • Key System Emulation
  • Door Strikes
  • Overhead Paging
  • An Industry Best 99.999% SLA For Uptime
  • Flexible Solutions, Offering Cloud Or On-premise Solutions To Ensure Call Quality, Reliability, & Functionality

Competitor Orange

  • Additional Hardware Costs
  • Uses 3rd Party Solutions
  • Poorly Reviewed, Non-US Based Support
  • Less Flexible Line Options Resulting In Busy Signals And Increased Costs
  • Little To No Disaster Recovery Support
  • Requires Customers To Use A Limited Number Of Phone Models
  • Only Offers A Hosted Solution Without Traffic Shaping Or Enhanced QoS
  • Maintenance Is Not Provided As Part Of Core Plan And May Require Additional Fees
  • Cannot Provide The Benefits Of Multi-instance Solutions Based On PBX Technologies
  • Prices Increase Steadily Over The Life Of The Service

Competitor Red

  • You Must Pay Initial Monthly Service Fees Even If You Cancel Within 30 Days
  • No Key System Emulation
  • Only Offers A Hosted Solution Without Traffic Shaping Or Enhanced QoS
  • Video User Interface Lacks Intuitiveness
  • 3rd-party Integrations Are Not Always Sufficiently Trained, Which Can Negatively Impact The Deployment Experience
  • Additional Hardware Costs
  • Only Offers Installation Support Over The Phone And Charges An Additional Setup Fee
  • No Key System Emulation
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Desktop Application Has Stability Issues And A Non-intuitive Design
  • Meetings Features Are Difficult To Find And Use