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Work From Anywhere With Cloud-Optimized Virtual Apps & Desktops

In today’s connected, busy world, the ability to communicate on the go is a necessity. VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution allows you and your employees to be productive from anywhere. Leverage leading UCaaS applications with our Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop solution allowing you to access critical documents, applications, and communications tools through a secure platform using the device of your choice.

Our DaaS platform provides cloud-optimized desktops and applications through a secure, consistent portal for a seamless user experience. Whether you’re working from the office on your desktop computer, from home on your laptop, or on the go using a smartphone or tablet, you can stay connected to every tool you need to be productive.

Also, VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star is the industry’s only Citrix ready UCaaS partner. For you this means our partnership with Citrix allows us to package our award-winning, industry-leading UCaaS solution with the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop solution to create a one-of-a-kind user experience.

Contact one of our Solution Partners today to learn more about our DaaS and Citrix desktop solutions, see a demo, and get a quote on the only Desktop as a Service platform you will ever need!

Top Benefits Of Leveraging Desktop as a Service – DaaS

  • • Multi-device Access
  • • Built-in Security
  • • Adaptive Desktop
  • • Seamless User Experience
  • • Vertical-specific Customization
  • • Context & User Role-based Access

VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star Versus The Competition

VoIPNow PBX/Star2Star

  • Unique Proprietary Technology
  • 30-day Money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 Multi-location US Based Support
  • Pooling & Bursting Lines
  • Free Next Business Day Parts Replacement & Free Software Updates
  • Integration With Analog Devices
  • Key System Emulation
  • Door Strikes
  • Overhead Paging
  • An Industry Best 99.999% SLA For Uptime
  • Flexible Solutions, Offering Cloud Or On-premise Solutions To Ensure Call Quality, Reliability, & Functionality

Competitor Orange

  • Additional Hardware Costs
  • Uses 3rd Party Solutions
  • Poorly Reviewed, Non-US Based Support
  • Less Flexible Line Options Resulting In Busy Signals And Increased Costs
  • Little To No Disaster Recovery Support
  • Requires Customers To Use A Limited Number Of Phone Models
  • Only Offers A Hosted Solution Without Traffic Shaping Or Enhanced QoS
  • Maintenance Is Not Provided As Part Of Core Plan And May Require Additional Fees
  • Cannot Provide The Benefits Of Multi-instance Solutions Based On PBX Technologies
  • Prices Increase Steadily Over The Life Of The Service

Competitor Red

  • You Must Pay Initial Monthly Service Fees Even If You Cancel Within 30 Days
  • No Key System Emulation
  • Only Offers A Hosted Solution Without Traffic Shaping Or Enhanced QoS
  • Video User Interface Lacks Intuitiveness
  • 3rd-party Integrations Are Not Always Sufficiently Trained, Which Can Negatively Impact The Deployment Experience
  • Additional Hardware Costs
  • Only Offers Installation Support Over The Phone And Charges An Additional Setup Fee
  • No Key System Emulation
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Desktop Application Has Stability Issues And A Non-intuitive Design
  • Meetings Features Are Difficult To Find And Use