Reliable Enterprise VoIP & Powerful Enterprise Communication Solutions

Every company is unique in its structure and particular needs, but a large enterprise can experience communication obstacles that are not as common in small businesses. Star2Star's Enterprise Communication Solutions provide the customized and ultra-flexible communications system that suits your company's day-to-day needs.

Whether your employees are in-house, working remotely from home, or anywhere around the globe, they need to be able to easily and seamlessly communicate and your customers must be able to reach them quickly and easily. To accomplish this, Star2Star offers a variety of Enterprise VoIP solutions to meet these communications challenges.

Flexible Functionality – Star2Star can match each user's telephones and tools to their individual needs. Executives, support staff, and sales teams will have the specific tools and communication options necessary for their particular roles and functions. Customized Enterprise VoIP options mean you only pay for those features you need.

You have to make sure everyone in your organization continues to communicate, but you have to do so in a way that your company can afford. You have a wide variety of communication needs, but you also need a communications system which is user-friendly enough for your employees to master. Star2Star has solutions for you.

We understand the challenges that your business faces every day. Star2Star offers a range of products and services that meet the needs of midsize businesses.

  • Dynamically Pooling and Bursting Lines: We allow you to share a single pool of lines between all locations and automatically add some lines on the fly
  • Scalable Service: Our equipment is designed to handle large quantities of traffic and data, so you can add additional capacity for minimal cost.
  • Call Recording: Call recording allows you to monitor employee performance, keep customer records, and more. Star2Star offers both cloud-based and on-premise call recording options so that your business can run in the manner that works best for you.
  • Intercom Functionality: Intercoms still are one of the most effective methods of reaching multiple employees who are scattered throughout an office. All of our phones offer intercom functionality, including phones at different locations.
  • Effortlessly Transfer Calls Between Locations: Because so much of our system operates through the cloud, your entire phone system – including multiple offices and at-home workers – operates as a single unified system. We can even route calls automatically go to different locations when demand is high, helping keep customer satisfaction high. Our ACD features are ideal for companies with multiple call centers at different locations.
  • Disaster Avoidance And Recovery: Lost business is one of the most damaging impacts of an office disaster. Star2Star provides a number of protections including cloud-based message storage and the ability to re-route calls to cell phones or other locations to keep your business running even if one of your offices has been shut down.

Flexible Functionality – Star2Star can match each user’s telephones and tools to their individual needs. Executives, support staff, and sales teams will have the specific tools and communication options necessary for their particular roles and functions. Customized Enterprise VoIP options mean you only pay for those features you need.

Scalability – Call volume can ebb and flow. Our equipment is designed with that in mind. The StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN 6000 can support up to 500 extensions and 250 simultaneous calls by adding additional capacity for peak times at minimal cost.

Mobile Features – So much of today’s work is done away from the typical office setting. Star2Star’s Enterprise Solutions provides simple Find Me – Follow Me services, helpful applications, and instant messaging that ensure that employees, offices, and customers stay connected.

Conferencing – Star2Star makes it easy to unite large groups together regardless of their geographic locations. Features like our Standard Voice Conferencing allow as many as 150 users to join a single conference call while Video Meetings brings up to 12 users virtually face-to-face in a video conference.

Call Center Solutions – Managing a busy call center can be time-consuming and costly. Star2Star’s wide range of call center services can help to streamline operations by pooling and bursting lines, modifying sophisticated call queues, recording for optimal service, and unifying dial plans help you to run your call center efficiently with cost-saving Enterprise Communications Solutions.

Call Recording – Regular monitoring of your customer’s satisfaction, as well as your employee’s performance, is an important tool in growing and maintaining your success. Star2Star provides the Cloud Based VoIP and on-site call recording options to ensure that your communications solution is working to its full potential.

Disaster Avoidance & Recovery – Unfortunately, any number of natural or unexpected events can cause major disruption to your business. Minimize the impact of this disruption with Star2Star’s Disaster Avoidance and Recovery Protections. Even if your office is unusable for extended periods of time, we can route calls, and store your voicemails, emails, and instant messages so that your business can proceed while your office and employees continue to function remotely with as little down time as possible.

30-Day Guarantee – The idea of bringing a new phone system into your business can be overwhelming. Rest assured knowing that your success and results are important to us. Our Star2Star Communications Systems are supported by our built-in Quality Assurance solutions:

  • StarWatch proactively monitors the status of each of your locations.
  • StarPath tests the call quality every hour for best results.

In an effort to alleviate any concerns you may have about our Enterprise VoIP or Communications Solutions, Star2Star happily offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with our system.

True Team Effort with Enterprise Edition

Whether your employees work across many locations, offsite or from home, or in a virtual capacity, they certainly work best together, as a unit. Star2Star’s Enterprise Edition Unified Communications System brings your workforce together for a more efficient and productive team. If you have 500+ users in one site or your employees cover a broad spectrum of locations, we can fully customize to your needs and support virtually any type of phone or communications method you need to stay connected. Our business phone service can be bundled with seamlessly integrated online tools for easy interaction with the team. Some of Star2Star’s Enterprise Solutions include:

  • Polycom® VVX® phones for best quality voice hardware
  • Mobile Softphone (iOS) and Mobile Softphone (Android) to better assist your mobile workforce
  • StarChat – Easily communicate without distracting phone conversations
  • Video Meetings – Video conference with up to 12 users in one session
  • Digital Fax – Send and receive faxes without a fax machine
  • Call Recording – Record and archive calls for access and review later
  • Optional Productivity Add-ons – Improve collaboration with a suite of security, CRM integration, and related add-ons.